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Chief Wade's Eulogy to Dreux Beaulier


"Good Afternoon.  On September 4, 1998 a young man walked into my office for an interview.  This was the first time either I or my two Asst. Chiefs met this young man.  To say we were impressed would be an understatement.  After the interview there was no doubt that we had to have this young man as a member of this department.  He was offered a job and thankfully accepted the offer.  On January 4, 1999 he started his career with the Kenosha Police Department.  His name was Dreux Beaulier.

This was the beginning of a truly outstanding relationship.  The men and women of the KPD and the citizens of Kenosha were the benefactors of this relationship.  Dreux poured his heart and soul into the job and performed his duties in an exemplary fashion.  He volunteered for assignments - completed his assigned duties without question or complaint -- became a member of the KPD Honor Guard and our first trumpet player.  He had great singing abilities that he utilized as a member of our department.  Being an outstanding cop AND having all of these musical talents is something that I personally envied.  This coming from someone that can not carry a tune in a bushel basket.

Dreux was also an experienced Evidence Tech, Accident Investigator, Faces Operator, Intoximeter Operator, and photographer.  As an Evid. Tech, Dreux was not afraid to get his hands dirty or do what was necessary to get the required evidence to bring a bad guy to justice.  I remember a time when I came upon a scene after a shooting incident and saw Dreux on his hands and knees in the grass looking for shell casings.  He was successful in his search but could definitely use a little cleaning up.

Most recently the KPD in conjunction with other departments started the Pipes & Drums corps.  Dreux of course started learning the bagpipes.  Dreux and I talked about the bagpipes and he suggested that I take lessons and he would help me.  I really wanted to do this, but I told him that me learning the bagpipes would be an effort in futility.  He said that if I ever changed my mind he would be glad to help me further my musical career.  I thought this was a truly brave offer on his part, but putting him through such an effort would require me paying him hazardous duty pay.

I could go on and on about the exploits of Dreux Beaulier, but I am sure each member of this department as well as his beloved family has memories and stories that they could tell.

Sept. 6, 2003 was a day that Dreux held very dear to his heart.  That was the day that he and Marie became husband and wife.  The one thing that I remember the most about this event was just after Dreux came back from his honeymoon.  Dreux was speaking with my Admin. Assistant Cyndee about how lucky and fortunate he was that Marie honored him by becoming his wife.  He went on and on about what a great person she is and was looking forward to a wonderful future.  I thought that in today's world to have a couple so dedicated to one another, is truly a rarity.  This is especially true considering the career Dreux had chosen.  This did nothing but reinforce the respect I had for Dreux.  I had the opportunity to spend about 45 min with Marie the other day.  We looked through the scrapbook of pictures they took while on their honeymoon in Alaska.  I have never seen two happier people.  This was definitely a two way street as far as the love and admiration they had for one another.

Love and respect for family was another trait that Dreux possessed.  His love for his mother and father was something that was quite evident to me after a conversation Dreux and I had after mass one day at St. Anne's' church.  Jeannine and Ron, I want to personally thank you for doing such an outstanding job on raising a truly remarkable young man.  Your efforts and ethics that you passed on to Dreux, were demonstrated on a daily basis.  For that the citizens of Kenosha are truly grateful.  Blaise, Maury, Reinette--- you also deserve our gratitude.  There is no doubt that sibling relationships have a definite effect on personalities as we mature.  Having known Dreux in the limited capacity that I did, I am confident that your influence on him was a positive one and his influence on you will be everlasting.

To all members of Dreux's family, I want you all to know that you are part of Dreux's Law Enforcement Family.  As family members I want you to know that we will always be available to you.

In closing, I would like to have a few words with Dreux.  Dreux, you are one hell of a cop.  You have set the standards at a high level that all of us strive to achieve.  You will be sadly missed by all that have had the opportunity to work with you as well as those that have had the chance to just be your friend.  Dreux, I wish you would have followed my order that I gave on May 11, 2004 at this very location when I said that I didn't want to see any new names on this Memorial.  I have looked through your file and found nothing but commendations, letters of gratitude, and a lot of "atta boys".  Your attendance has been exemplary to the point of my having doubt that the word "sick" was even in your vocabulary.  Dreux, in lieu of any type of disciplinary action for failure to follow that order, I am granting you a 10-44 to continue your tour of duty with a Mutual Aid request from a much higher authority.  Unit 420, your request for 10-42 in a physical sense is approved, but in a spiritual sense you will be considered 10-6 until you are needed again by members of your law enforcement family.


Kenosha Police Chief, Daniel C. Wade

May 20, 2004